Golf Car and Electric Vehicle Maintenance Procedures

  1. Most Important check the battery water level every couple weeks
  2. If needed add water slowly and be careful not to overfill the batteries. The proper water level is ¼" below the fill ring. Remember to fill batteries after vehicle has been fully charged. Distilled water is recommended to prolong the batteries life.
  3. Never charge the batteries when plates are exposed. This will cause sever and permanent damage to the batteries. First add just enough water to cover the plates then charge the vehicle.
  4. Battery compartment, tops of batteries and battery terminals need to wash down and cleaned every few weeks. DO NOT use high pressure hose to clean batteries.
  5. Vehicles should be charged on a daily basis and if possible charged at different discharge intervals to maximize battery performance and life.
  6. Make sure batteries are being charged at a rate of 12-20 amps on your charger. This means batteries are being properly charged. If not check wiring and connections.
  7. Make sure to “Equalize" the batteries once every 2 weeks. Automatically controlled chargers should be unplugged and reconnected after completing a full charge. This will keep the batteries in balance and maximize battery life and performance.